Why Events are good for branding and marketing?

Why do companies join events to showcase their products and services?

Everyday I meet many people and I often ask , what are their goals in joining events like mine? Common answers (not in particular order) were:

1. For Branding

2. For exposure and awareness

3. To save hefty amount on marketing expenses

4. To reach out to their target markets

5. To avail the mileages such playing their TVC’s, guests database and media exposure.

I agree with all of the above.

In events, companies will enjoy maximum exposure such as live acknowledgement, TVC play, media (print, television, radio) and now social media such as facebook , instagram, twitter and blogs. Events can be a way to reach out to potential buyers, clients and partners. It is good for networking as well. Events are more affordable and more personal. Builds relationship with the company and buyers or consumers. Among the 5 goals above,what do you think is the most common goal of all clients joining events?  its the BRANDING. I will talk about branding more very soon and why is it important for all businesses.




5 things I focus on every day

The challenges that I am facing every day is overwhelming and yet as a business person, I need to learn and embrace these challenges, welcoming it with open arms and made them my friends and allies. Each day is unique and each day comes with different challenges, problems and achievements.

I came up with some pointers that I should be seriously focusing on everyday so I would effectively run my business

1. Self Assessment – I have to know my skills, my capabilities, competence and weaknesses as well. 548796_10152168248360545_1477809605_n

Almost every day, I go to meetings and meet new people. Each day I learn something new and interesting. The more I talk to people, the more I get to know of myself, the more I can assess and pin point the things I need to improve and maintain. It’s always a great discovery of myself whenever I talk to Clients, Sponsors, Friends and even my Family.

2.  Knowing my Values – these are the things that I believe that are important in the way I live and work.

Knowing my values is important in dealing with other people especially with my Clients. Closing deals is not easy because I need to establish a good impression and build a relationship for I look at the partnership as a long term one. My values will also determine how I would want to do business and how I want my life to be.

3.  Explore – gain new knowledge through formal trainings such as seminars and workshops or just by observing successful people and meeting new people each day.

Learning new things can be very exciting and nothing is more exciting than learning and enjoying at the same time. I promised myself to grasp lessons in life that would make me a better business woman and make rooms for improvement. Exploring for me is trying new ventures that would help my business earn more income. I am not only doing events, but I also offer Corporate Giveaways, Marketing & PR and now as a Third Party Agency by going extra mile in providing the growing needs of my Clients

4. Decision Making – this is a process of selection of plans and putting in into actions.

I do this every day. I always make a plan and decide which is good for the business and for my Clients. Decision Making requires a conscious effort to know what is right, good & fair for everyone. This tests my character as a business person , because most of the time I make decisions and I had to delegate to my team so we can all be productive. When I am having difficulty in decision making, I pray, reflect, find some quiet time, list the pros and cons and if things don’t work out fine, re-think and change the strategies. These happens every day!

5.  Action- once I have made a decision, I take Action.

Managing my own business can be challenging and exhausting. I decide and therefore I take Action. I literally started the business doing everything by myself. I do arrange my own meetings, I present , Deliver and Collect personally. I deal directly with suppliers and agents and I do the paper works and filing as well. But that taught me a lot of things. I could never lead a team if I don’t know what I am doing. I thank God that I was able to experience everything because I can effectively lead a team. And I can never ever teach and motivate my team if I have not gone through this process.

With all of these, I can face the challenges but I know that I can grow more. Learning is a life- long process and managing your own can really rewarding


“Stay happy, Be grateful, work harder, learn each day, Enjoy life, pray daily and love endlessly!” – Mys