Is it possible to set up a business with ZERO capital?

The answer is Yes!

I had a 10 minute radio segment at Radyo Uno 1530khz last September 27 and I was able to share quickly some tips about setting up a business with ZERO or very small capital.

I would like to share here as well because I know a lot of people are very eager to bring their ideas into life but didn’t know how to start. Starting up is really difficult especially if you’re clueless what to do. You are sure that you want to have a business of your own but doesn’t have the means or resources at all.

So, what are the business that needs no capital or at least a small amount?

1. Service Oriented Business- events management, corporate giveaways, events hosting, consultancy (sales and marketing, engineering etc)

2. Talents like voice acting, modelling, singing especially when you’re doing this in solo. Writing , Online Blogging and many more

3.Online Selling – with the help of Social Media, you can do sell almost anything online

4. Insurances, real estates – attend trainings, study the business and connect with the right people and get your sales!

Nothing is Impossible! You just need to do the following first:

1. Identify your skills and talents

2. Utilize them

3. Connect with the right people or targeted market

4. Ask the help of your family, friends and friends of your friends and so on

5. Use Social Media which is one of the most powerful tools nowadays.

All of them are important, but for me finding you PASSION is the key. If you are good in customer service , do service oriented businesses. If you are good in Math , do accounting services, if you are good in Selling, sales and marketing are the right business for you or retail and trading. It is essential to know yourself first, what you can do, your strengths and weaknesses and trust your intuition. Are you also a people person? or you work well without dealing face to face with customers.

My goal is to make my customers happy by going extra mile each time I deal with them and most of them became my friends. They refer me to other clients and they are most of all coming back even though they know other businesses like mine.

Relationship in Business is the answer to maintaining your clients.

And Yes its possible to have a business with a zero or very small capital. You can start now!