ANT-MAN Movie Special Movie Blocked Screening



Marvel’s Ant-Man tells the story of Scott Lang, who just got out of jail, trying to make a life change and discovers a special suit that transforms him into a tiny creature as small as an ant. He did not know that discovering that special suit is a laid out plan until he meets Hank Pym, the one who discovered the Pym Particles and the suits original owner. Together with Hank Pym’s Daughter, Hope Van Dyne, they created a mission of sabotaging the creation of a shrinking Yellowjacket by Pym’s protégé Darren Cross.


The Ant-Man movie was very entertaining and comedic. Besides the gazillion ants, the movie stars Paul Rudd (Scott Lang / Ant-Man), Evangeline Lilly, Halley Atwell, Corey Stoll, Bobby Cannavale, John Slattery and Michael Douglas. The cinema was packed with guests and friends as they watched the smallest superhero (as far as we know) fight back against its antagonist.


Ant-Man special movie blocked screening, held last July 15, 2015, is brought to you by with PMCM Events Management and Resorts World, co-presented by Em-Core DOTNET


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PMCM Events Management receives Consumers Awards



As they would always say, “When it rains, It pours”. And this year has been a shower of blessings to the PMCM Events Management Team. Clients and businesses are tapping the team as their marketing arm and events consultant. The team had handled a lot of events and of course a lot of special movie blocked screenings for our friends in the industry. It is just half of the year, and the team has been very busy with a lot of activities, generating more income for the business.

For the past 5 years, PMCM Events Management had really worked hard to help each partner achieve their marketing needs through consultation and execution of events. And this year, we are very thankful to receive the following awards:

  • Outstanding Events Management Company, 35th Consumers Choice 2015 Awards
  • Best Best All in One Events Specialist National Product Quality Excellence Awards (Q Asia’s Seal of Product Quality)
  • Natatanging PilipBb. Myra Estrella V. Sandico, Natatanging Pilipina sa Larangan ng Pagnenegosyo

We are very honored and thankful that our hard work has been recognized by these award giving bodies and the consumers. We are also thankful to our clients, sponsors, media partners, families and friends for the trust and support. The whole team is really filled with gratitude, and with this we will continue to strive to become the best in our craft.


Title: Labor Law Seminar

Title: Labor Law Seminar

The Philippines is a growing economy and, more and more investors are putting their money on

businesses here in our country. Businesses are opening its doors to people for employment. This

has been a big help to the populace. But are businesses ready to handle its manpower? Do

businessmen give importance to human resource? Do they know Labor Law?

This coming July 17, 2015, Atty. Ernesto Tabao will teach HR managers and businessmen the

importance of knowing Labor Law. He will discuss how to deal with problems on labor intensive

industries, effective hiring of contractors, union problems, and labor cases filed after termination.

He will also tell his secrets in winning labor cases and disputes. Participants would really learn a

lot about Labor Law and this would really help them manage their human resource.

1.  Deal with the most important problems besetting labor-intensive industries, starting from the

hiring and contracting of workers.

2.   Management would know how to hire workers effectively or how to hire the right contractors to

supply its manpower requirements in a way that would free the company from potential labor


3. Avoid union problems and the consequential expenses of employment termination and

separation of workers as well as their eventual retirement.

4. Provide a long-lasting solution in disciplining workers, imposing penalties without affecting

company operations, along with the ways of terminating workers without the hassle of labor cases

being filed or the separation of workers with the least cost in terms of separation pay.

5. Management people would learn the secrets of a veteran labor lawyer in avoiding labor cases

filed after the termination of workers and the several ways of reducing the costs of separation of


6. Participants would also learn the secrets in winning labor cases and overcoming the presumption

in favor of labor in every labor dispute.

Join the Labor Law Seminar 1 – Effective Discipline and Dismissal of Employees by Atty. Ernesto

Tabao at the Klub Filipino, San Juan City on July 17, 2015, Friday. For inquiries please call 5053746

or 09178344978. This event is presented by Westwood Law in cooperation with PMCM Events