The 32nd PCGA National Convention & 1st PCGA Expo, May 27 -28, 2016 at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center, Olongapo City

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This year, The Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary held its 32nd Annual National Convention at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center, Olongapo City last May 27- 28, 2016, with the theme: “PCGA – The Force Awakens, Climate Change Wars”. Together with this event is the first ever PCGA Expo. Both are organized and headed by Captain Jeremiah Ching of the PCGA.

The Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary is a voluntary non-uniformed organization, formed with a military structure and attached to the Philippine Coast Guard under the Development of Transportation and Communication. It has around 1,200 members and is governing 12 districts across the country.

The 32nd PCGA NAtional Convention and 1st PCGA Expo begun with a ribbon cutting executed by Vice Admiral Valentin B. Prieto Jr. PCGA NAtional Director and Commodore Salvador G Tiangco Jr. PCGA Director Auxiliary District  CGAPNCR-CL. The ribbon cutting was hosted by Ms Mys Sandico, CEO of PMCM Events Management.

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With their National Convention, members and partners are gathered to discuss things relevant to their organizations mission. “It serves as an annual forum for its members to review the previous year’s performance and the further develop strategies aimed at helping the PCG accomplish its mission in promoting safety of life and properties at sea, and protecting the main environment” according to its website. Besides this, they will also discuss topics such as Maritime Safety (MARSAF), Maritime Search and Rescue (MARSAR), Maritime Environmental Protection (MAREP) and Community Relations (COREP).

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This two-day event also gathered exhibitors showcasing products to the members of the PCGA. Food and entertainment were also served during the evening activities after the morning’s convention.

The 32nd Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary National Convention stages the turnover of leadership and management to its new National Director. With this we look forward to the next years activities for the community and the country with the guidance from Above.

If you wish to join the next year’s expo, you may call the Philippine Coast Guard 5278481


The 32nd PCGA National Convention and 1st PCGA Expo

This coming May 27 -28, 2016, the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary will be having its 32nd National Convention and its first expo at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center, Olongapo City.  This annual activity is a gathering of its officers and members to discuss about concerns regarding their organization and the country. This years theme is “PCGA – The Force Awakens: Climate Change Wars”.

The Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary is a voluntary non-uniformed organization, formed with a military structure and attached to the Philippine Coast Guard under the Development of Transportation and Communication, has been doing a lot of activities to help the people in our country and its community. In this convention they will be tackling problems and the organization preparedness for such adversaries caused by the ever changing climate.

The 32nd National Convention, headed by Captain Jeremiah Ching of the PCGA, will have guests including the President of the Philippines HE Benigno Simeon Aquino III, Hon. Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communication, and Ms. Angelia Ong – Ms Earth 2016. It will also have participating sponsors and booth for product presentation.


Here’s the convention’s program:

The 32nd Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary National Convention & 1st PCGA Expo

27 & 28 May, 2016, 0900 – 0000 hrs

Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center, Subic Bay Freeport Zone Olongapo City

Theme: PCGA – The Force Awakes: Climate Change Wars



DAY 1:       27 May 2016, Friday


1330H                  Opening Remarks

Captain Jeremiah Ching, Chairman of the PCGA Expo

1345H                  Ribbon Cutting with:

1400H                  Entry of Dignitaries / Colors

                   Invocation by the PCGA Chaplain:

                   Philippine National Anthem with The Philippine Coast Guard Band

                   Welcome Address

Hon. Roberto V. Garcia, Chairman and Administrator of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority

Opening Remarks

Commo. Salvador G. Tiangco Jr. PCGA, Director Auxiliary District CGADNCR-CL

Roll Call of District Squadrons and Acknowledgement of Guests

Cdr. Alexander L. Cabrera PCGA, National Auxiliary Adjutant

Declaration of the Opening of the 32nd National Convention

Vadm. Valentin B. Prieto Jr. PCGA, National Director

Presentation of the Dolphin Service Recognition Awards

Guest of Honor / Presiding Officer to be assisted and witnessed by Hon. Joseph Emilio Aguinaldo and Radm. William M. Melad PCG

Introduction of the Guest of Honor

Joseph Emilio Aguinaldo, Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communication

Speech of the Guest of Honor

His Excellency Benigno Simeon Aquino III, President of the Republic of the Philippines

Presentation of Memento

1600H                  Exit of Dignitaries



1700H                  PCG-PCGA Joint Executive Meeting

Radm. William M. Melad PCG, Commandant, Philippine Coast Guard

Masters of Ceremony: Cdr. Emmanuel T. Velante PCGA & Lcdr. Yashika Marie F. Torib PCG


Part 3 NATIONAL DIRECTOR’S NIGHT (Theme: Fiesta Filipino) (Attire: Service Blue Alpha)

1930H – 2000H           Registration / Reception Line

2000H – 2100H           Dinner

2100H – 2300H            Program Proper

                             Welcome Address

Radm. Hilarion F. Dimagina Jr. PCGA, Deputy National Director for Administration

Introduction of Guests

Commo. Geronimo P. Reyes PCGA, National Chief of Auxiliary Staff

Acknowledgement of the PCG Officers, PCGA officers (NAMO and DADs) and special guests/foreign delegation


Vadm. Valentin B. Prieto Jr. PCGA, National Director


Radm. William M. Melad PCG, Commandant, Philippine Coast Guard




DAY  2:               28 May, 2016, Saturday

Part 4 CONVENTION PROPER (Attire: Filipino)

0800H – 0900H           Awarding Ceremony to PCGA Officers

Vadm. Valentin B. Prieto Jr. PCGA National Director

0900H – 1030H           Climate Change and Adaptation and Resiliency

Dr. Esteban C. Godilano, Resident Scientist of the Climate Change Congress of the Philippines

Standard Insurance Risks Management Team

Ms. Angela Ong, Ms Earth 2015

1020H – 1130H            Plenary Session / MOA Signing


1130H -1145H              Declaration of the next host

                             Acceptance speech of the next host

                             Symbolic Turnover of the Convention Symbol

1145H – 1200H            Closing of the 32nd National Convention

Vadm. Valentin B. Prieto Jr. PCGA

          Exit of Colors

1200H-1400H               Lunch / Sponsor’s Presentation


Part 5 TURNOVER OF LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT (Attire: Service Blue Alpha)

1400H – 1600H            Entry of Official Party

                             Entry of Colors

                             Welcome Address

Commo. Enrico Efren A. Evangelista PCG, Chief of Coast Guard Staff

Turnover of Leadership and Management Ceremonies

Introduction of Guest Speaker

by the new PCGA National Director

Message of the Guest Speaker

Radm. William M. Melad PCG, Commandant, Philippine Coast Guard

1600H                           PCGA HYMN

                             Exit of Colors

                             Exit of Official Party


Part 6 COMMANDANT’S NIGHT (Attire: Service Blue Alpha)

1800H – 1830H            Registration / Reception Line

1830H – 2000H           Dinner

2000H – 2330H           Program Proper

                             Welcome Address

Commo. Enrico Efren A Evangelista PCG, Chief of Coast Guard Staff

Introduction of GOH

Commo. Enrico Efren A Evangelista PCG, Chief of Coast Guard Staff


Radm. William M. Melad, PCG Commandant Philippine Coast Guard


PMCM Events at the Introductory Seminar of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Program

For the past 20 years, FranklinCovey has been here in the Philippines helping companies and individuals in achieving effectiveness through the principle of 7 Habits taught by Mr Stephen Covey, a world renowned teacher and author of the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.
This month, the Center for Leadership and Change Inc., FranklinCovey’s partner here in the country, invited PMCM Events Management to a simple presentation facilitated by its senior consultant and executive coach Ms. Lirio Ongpin-Mapa, to get an overview of the services they offer and on what The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Program is all about.
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has been taught around the world and different programs has been created to match the needs of different people inside an organization.
Here is the quick overview of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:
1. Habit 1: Be Proactive
– This is the habit of personal responsibility. It means that we are free to choose things and decisions for our own happiness, and learning that we can bring our own “weather”.
2. Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind
– This is the habit of personal vision. This is defining what we see our purpose in life is. This can be achieved by having a personal mission statement where your decisions in life will be based upon.
3. Habit 3: Put First Things First
– This is the habit of personal management. According to this we should try to focus on our highest priorities, these are things that are Not Urgent but Important.
4. Habit 4: Think Win-Win
– This is the habit of mutual benefit. According to Mr. Stephen Covey, it is based on the paradigm that there is plenty for everybody.
5. Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
– This is the habit of empathic communication. This is one of the toughest to practice but once learned, one can have a greater influence with others
6. Habit 6: Synergize
– This is the habit of creative cooperation. This is not really about compromising, instead it is about seeing a different and better alternative than what both parties have in mind.
7. Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw
– This is the habit of daily self renewal. It is the habit that makes every habit possible. With this, one should take care of his own body, heart, mind and spirit.
The 7 Habits can be implemented in any company through their guidance and honing leaders that could be good examples of living the habits. CLCI offers different packages of different price ranges for business and individuals, and this can be done in an office of in-house.
(Stephen Covey, Teacher, 1932-2012)


“Its MysSpace” May 22, 2016

“Its MysSpace” at DZME 1530 May 22, 2016 guests are Mr. Richie Cuna, CEO of Fiorgelato, and co-host  commercial model Evan Spargo.


What could a person with a stable and well-paying job be thinking, leaving all that to venture into the unknown? That was the curious thing about Richie Cuna. He turned his back on a promising career as vice president for the Export and Industry Bank to pursue a highly perishable passion, ice cream.
In 1993, while still working at the bank, Cuna founded the Milkin Corporation and partnered with Maynila Ice Cream to start a business focusing on the concoction that he has loved best since childhood. The following year, he acquired Fiorgelato whose concept came from Milan, Italy. Like any start-up business Fiorgelato suffered from funding problems. To help ease the problem, he invested his income from his job at the bank in Fiorgelato.
Richie Cuna started his banking career as a clerk in the Bank of the Philippine Islands. Steadily rising from the ranks, he was vice president for product development when he eventually left the bank. But his entry into the banking industry was not part of his original plan. His first job after college was with the Philippine Airlines, until the day he received word from BPI. He jumped at the opportunity to work for a major bank only to be disappointed because he was not a management trainee. But with hard work and dedication, he advanced much faster than those given management training. He earned his promotion to executive level, having spearheaded the project that launched the bank’s automated teller machine.
After a brief hiatus, Cuna joined the Export and Industry Bank, which put him in charge of the bank’s expansion, which means the development, selection and design of the bank’s branches.
As his career steadily progressed he began thinking of the future. Realizing that even the most promising of careers only lasts until his retirement, he decided to start his own business on the side while keeping his job.
For eight years, Richie juggled his time between running Milkin Corp. and his job at the bank. He recalls flying overseas to talk with suppliers and partners and going straight to his office upon arriving home. It taxed him physically and intellectually so that in 2003, with his business expanding tremendously, he left the banking industry.
To gain better understanding of the business, he enrolled in several cooking schools and eventually became a chef. Cuna’s Fiorgelato soon found a niche between commercial ice cream and gourmet ice cream, getting the best traits of both.
To help ensure the quality of his product, Cuna sources 80 percent of its ingredients from Milan and the United States. From Fiorgelato Milkin, the company has expanded to different brands such as Fior Café, Gelateria, and Maynila Ice cream. Its Cocoa Banana Tropical Ice cream has captured the global market with many outlets in the United States.
In his career as an entrepreneur, Cuna says his experience as a banker has been extremely useful, especially when he has to deal with banks. He has discovered that the corporate structure of banks can actually be adapted to the manufacturing and distribution sector. His training in the banking sector also gave him an insight into economic trends. He remembers seeing the signs of what was to become the 1997 Asian financial crisis months and had prepared for it months before its full impact was felt around the globe.
Richie Cuna Fiorgelato

In his company, Cuna fosters a culture of “pakikisama” and treats his employees as family. Despite the success that he has achieved, Richie remains humble and has kept a low profile. He encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to go into franchising, which has led to a teaching job at St. Scholastica College where he introduced a new course, entrepreneurship and franchising. He also conducts seminars regarding franchising.

Cuna is the man who wants to be known as one who “creates business for people” believes that any business that is founded on transparency, trust and integrity is bound for success.



X-MEN: Apocalypse Movie Block Screening at Resorts World Manila

Another successful movie block screening, “X-MEN: Apocalypse” was held at the Resorts World Manila last May 18, 2016, with and PMCM Events Management. It was a blockbuster, and because it is one of the much awaited movies of the year, a long cue of excited fans patiently waited outside the cinema.


“X-MEN: Apocalypse” tells the story of a sleeping antagonist named Apocalypse. It woke after hundreds of years of hibernating from a destructed pyramid, and seeing the world anew with different weapons of warfare compared to what he was used to see in the old Egypt. He then plans destruction with the help of Psylocke, Archangel, Storm and Magneto as his 4 horsemen. The team of X-MEN headed by Professor X, tries to stop them with their super mutant powers, saving the world from devastation.


The movie block screening program was hosted by Vince Golangco, one of the founders of Together with the PMCM Events team, he gave away prizes from the sponsors including gift packs from Kettle Korn, Lotus Biscoff, Blackwater, You C1000 Health Drink, Gluta-C Whitening and a gift certificate from Sister Secrets. The winners were so happy receiving their gift prizes from our sponsors.

After the movie, everyone were privileged to take home products from Jack n Jill Nips, Jack n Jill Magic Flakes, Hygienix Sanitizers, Kettle Korn, Lotus Biscoff, Blackwater, You C1000 Health Drink and Aquabest. Japan’s famous beef bowl Yoshinoya provided dinner for the organizing team, while iFlick Photo booth gave away printed photos for guests.


All in all, the special movie block screening went very well and the PMCM Events Team together with Resorts World Manila and are very thankful to all our sponsors and media partners for making the activity a success.


PMCM Events Management is one of the leading organizers of movie block screenings, seminars, conferences, corporate and non-corporate events. For inquiries you may call 5010029 / 5053746 / 09178344978