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Why Events are good for branding and marketing?

Why do companies join events to showcase their products and services?

Everyday I meet many people and I often ask , what are their goals in joining events like mine? Common answers (not in particular order) were:

1. For Branding

2. For exposure and awareness

3. To save hefty amount on marketing expenses

4. To reach out to their target markets

5. To avail the mileages such playing their TVC’s, guests database and media exposure.

I agree with all of the above.

In events, companies will enjoy maximum exposure such as live acknowledgement, TVC play, media (print, television, radio) and now social media such as facebook , instagram, twitter and blogs. Events can be a way to reach out to potential buyers, clients and partners. It is good for networking as well. Events are more affordable and more personal. Builds relationship with the company and buyers or consumers. Among the 5 goals above,what do you think is the most common goal of all clients joining events?  its the BRANDING. I will talk about branding more very soon and why is it important for all businesses.